Unique Experiences For Your Business

We offer our know-how and our artisanal skills to assist you in carrying out all your projects!

Craft workshops to be privatized

Are you less than 15 people and would like to participate in an activity? As a team, get your hands dirty and create your own unique creations in a

All our workshops can be privatized:
1# Choose the workshop according to the capacity of the craftsman
2# Make your request in one click using the “Private the workshop” button on the experience page of your choice


Integrate upcycling into your CSR approach

Through crafting, you can implement practical actions that will reduce your company's carbon footprint by:

# Offer employees activities that are important to them.
# Convert your production waste and unshipped goods into a second life. Integrate your teams into your CSR approach by making them actors in your strategy!

Gift cards for your teams and clients

Experiences to boost creativity, disconnect from contact with matter and promote a local and responsible economy.

Free amount or thematic box
# Valid for 3 years
# Activity booked in 3 clicks



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