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We offer various solutions to integrate craftsmanship and handmade products at the heart of the CSR approaches of companies and communities.

Why implement a CSR strategy around crafts?

Establishing a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy focused on craftsmanship within your company can play a crucial role in raising awareness and involving your teams in favor of the ecological transition.

Offering fun activities accessible to all, aimed at learning to create, recycle and transform, will allow your employees to become actors engaged in change.

In addition to strengthening cohesion within your team, this strategy offers you the opportunity to remind all your stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees) of your commitment to a sustainable world. Integrating craftsmanship into your CSR strategy allows you to actively contribute to the ecological transition.


How to implement a CSR strategy around handmade products?

Are you looking to strengthen your corporate CSR strategy while contributing to a more sustainable world? Crafting can be a creative and fun solution to integrate these values into your business.

At Craftutor, we offer craft team building activities around upcycling and repair of objects to give a second life to your production waste and unsold items. We also specialize in organizing moments to raise awareness of ecological issues, through creative and fun activities for your employees.

Integrate craftsmanship into your CSR strategy and involve your employees around sustainable development values, autonomy, and proximity. Tailor-made activities to give value to your production waste while strengthening team cohesion and moving the lines towards a more responsible world.



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