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Why choose a handmade gift card?

Opt for a craft gift on CrafTutor

CrafTutor offers a variety of craft workshops, classes and courses allowing you to discover and learn craft skills from passionate professionals. These experts happily share their know-how and techniques. By participating in these workshops, not only will you acquire new knowledge, but you also have the opportunity to create an object that you can take with you, something to amaze your loved ones (and you deserve it 😉)!

Our craft workshops are open to all, and a diversity of choice is offered to satisfy all tastes: sewing, wood turning and carving, tapestry, glassware, embroidery, masonry, soap factory, and many others ! 🎨

Give a craft gift via CrafTutor offers the opportunity to choose from many artisanal experiences available near you. It's offering an exceptional moment to a loved one, whether it's a man, of a women, of a Mom, of a dad, of a brother, of a sister, of a friend or a friend…It is also supporting thelocal crafts and contribute to its development throughout Morocco. 🤩

I have highlighted the workshop categories and certain words in bold to highlight their importance. Does this meet your expectations?


A worthy gift for every occasion

Crafts make a great gift for any occasion!

Whether for A special occasion, A birthday, A departure or simply to surprise someone, all reasons are good to give a gift! However, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be a challenge.

Of course, offering yet another mug, a personalized calendar or a piece of jewelry can be fantastic, but these objects sometimes risk finding themselves relegated to a cupboard, only rarely coming out (perhaps when you come to visit 😉).

Every year, we strive to find a gift idea more original than the last.

For Christmas or any other special occasion, why not opt for another type of gift? Rather than a simple object, offer a MOMENT. A moment is unique, memorable, it allows you to create memories and stories to share, while strengthening bonds with others.

Memories of these moments often materialize in anecdotes, photos, or even objects to take home and show off! 🎁



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